Jul. 14, 2021

HARRISBURG –Rep. Eric Davanzo (R-Westmoreland) will host a human trafficking seminar on Wednesday, July 28, at 6 p.m. Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Jennifer Kosakevitch will provide information on the signs of human trafficking and how to protect oneself and others. The event will be held at Turkeytown Firehall, located at 90 Supervisors Drive, West Newton.

“During the last several months, the General Assembly worked hard to advance legislation to help victims of human trafficking,” said Davanzo. “I am happy to host this event that will educate people on this horrific act and hopefully prevent many from going through it.”

Bills in the human trafficking package include:

House Bill 231 would add human trafficking to existing law constituting the crime of unlawful contact with a minor when the trafficking involves sexual servitude or abuse.
House Bill 246, now Act 32 of 2021, prohibits defendants in human trafficking cases from introducing evidence of a victim’s past sexual victimization or allegations.
House Bill 580 would allow expert testimony in court on the dynamics of sexual servitude and other criminal offenses involving sexual abuse of a minor.
House Bill 753 would strengthen the penalty for “Dealing in Infant Children” from a misdemeanor of the first degree to a felony of the first degree as infants are trafficked for future enslavement.
House Bill 843, now Act 38 of 2021, adds human trafficking offenses to the list of convictions affecting a child custody determination.
House Bill 1096 would allow lawsuits against human traffickers to be brought either where the victim resides or where the violations occurred.
House Bill 1130 would add human trafficking offenses involving sexual servitude to the list of offenses requiring perpetrators to register under the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).
House Bill 1147, now Act 45 of 2021, expands the list of offenses that require state inmates to participate in Department of Corrections counseling or therapy for sex offenders to include those convicted of human trafficking involving sexual servitude or other criminal offenses involving sexual abuse of a minor.

“In 2019, Pennsylvania was ranked fourth in the nation in the number of criminal human trafficking cases,” Davanzo continued. “Pittsburgh was the top city for cases. I want to make sure people in the 58th District know how to protect themselves.”

Those interested in attending the seminar can call Davanzo’s district office at 724-929-2655 or email ningram@pahousegop.com.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline is open 24/7 and can be reached via phone at 1-888-373-7888 or via text at 233733.

Representative Eric Davanzo
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