Constitutional Carry of a Firearm

Nov. 16, 2021 / Embed

House Bill 565 would create a two-tiered system for the concealed carrying of firearms for lawful purposes in Pennsylvania.

Hunting PSA from Game Commission

Nov. 09, 2021 / Embed

Use these tips to stay safe when hunting this season.

Davanzo Comments on HB 1218

Sep. 27, 2021 / Embed

House Bill 1218 would give decision-making power to organizations that run youth sports regarding whether children under 18 should wear masks while participating in those sports.

Davanzo Honors Military Hero

Jun. 25, 2021 / Embed

Representative Davanzo takes the podium to recognize and honor a service member who gave his life in action.

Legislative Report with Rep. Eric Davanzo

Jun. 24, 2021 / Embed

Representative Eric Davanzo of the 58th district explains the latest events and bills moving through the House and Senate, particularly HB 1300, the Voting Rights Protection Act.

Voting to Prohibit Vaccine Passports by Entities in PA

Jun. 23, 2021 / Embed

PA State Rep. Eric Davanzo participates in House debate and was proud to support SB 618 to prohibit vaccine passports by government entities in Pennsylvania.

On Target with Reps. Matthew Dowling and Eric Davanzo, and Val Finnell

Jun. 16, 2021 / Embed

In this week’s edition of "On Target," PA House Second Amendment Caucus Chairman Matthew Dowling talks with Rep. Eric Davanzo of Westmoreland County, as well as Val Finnell of Gun Owners of America, about House Bill 924. The bill would remove the subjective “character and reputation” component of the application for the Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms (LCTF). It also would also require the attorney general's office to seek and establish reciprocity agreements with every state and prohibit unilateral withdraw from any reciprocity agreement.

Elder Abuse Press Conference

Jun. 15, 2021 / Embed

Chairman of the PA House Aging and Older Adults Committee Rep. Gary Day leads a press conference to promote measures that will help enhance the life of older adults.

Davanzo Asks Support of HB 996

May. 26, 2021 / Embed

Representative Eric Davanzo introduces legislation that will protect the religious liberties of residents in PA’s long-term care facilities.

Davanzo Comments During Labor and Industry

May. 24, 2021 / Embed

Representative Eric Davanzo makes remarks about minimum wage.